The sky should be lit up this Tuesday with an extraordinary rain of shooting stars

Written by Graziella L. Posted May 28, 2022 4:54 pm

With this shower of falling stars, it’s all or nothing! If the stars are on our side, it will be possible to observe this Tuesday, May 31, 2022, the most powerful meteor storms of the beginning of the century! We cross!

every year, meteor showers It gives us the pleasure of passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing us to admire several times a year shooting stars in large numbers. And this May was a good provider celestial activity, between spectacular lunar eclipses and falling stars in the Eta Aquarids. but this Monday May 30 eveningit’s a Extraordinary shower star which was announced, with Tau Hercules, Unknown to the general public.

According to two recent scientific studies, these stars should be numerous on the night of May 30 to 31, 2022. Usually, this dust from Comet 73P Which returns every five years is invisible and not very surprising from our point of view. But this year, a real miracle was announced, because scientists point to a very favorable path, almost 1000 meteors per hour ! Incredible event, described as a Storm who could be”The most beautiful of the year until the beginning of the centuryHowever, it is impossible to predict the speed of the wreck, and everything can fall like a puff, without any stars in sight … We just have to wait.

Anyway, it will take clear weather, hopefully mild weather. To observe it in the best conditions, position yourself out of the light, in the early morning and see from the direction of arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation Bouvier. You will find it easily by following the tail of the Big Dipper! The next big activity will take place in August, with the most famous phenomenon, namely PerseidsWhich gives us the most beautiful scene with more than a hundred meteors per hour! And above all, don’t forget it wish a wish (or many!).

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