Former intelligence official: The United States has alien spaceships – the Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, June 13 – Claims David Grosch, a former intelligence officer and veteran of US aviation, has indeed renamed the “Ufo mole,” according to which the United States has “alien spaceships.”

In an interview with NewsNation, Grusch offered no evidence and only said his information came from “several sources,” admitting that he had never seen any of these spacecraft himself. “I’ve seen pictures and read very interesting reports,” he said.

According to the former official, the existence of “vehicles” or “spacecraft” built by “non-human intelligence” had been kept secret by the US government and had “landed or crashed” on Earth. Grosch even claimed that some of the vehicles contained the bodies of the pilots, which were “very big, like a football field” and consisted of “very strange and heavy atomic metal”. The aviation veteran even went so far as to declare that there is “an agreement between the US administration and aliens.”

While Grusch’s remarks are completely unsupported by evidence, they have gone viral on the Internet and spread on social media, with several experts responding to the former official accusing him of publishing claims based on “illogical assumptions” and conclusions from “science fiction novels.”


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