Tesla recibe nuevas demandas por acoso sexual.

Electric car company Tesla continues to generate controversy, and now has six women Elon Musk’s company sued for fostering a culture of sexual harassment.

New cases will add up to eight within two months, Introduced by five women working at the Fremont plant and another woman in Southern California.

Requests were made to California High Court, Alameda County.

Scream and touch

Plaintiffs allege that their co-workers do Bad comments about their bodies or the way they dress, As well as the extent of their behavior abuse, screaming and touching, according to a lawsuit filed by six women. Bloomberg site.

“Although Tesla has publicly stated that it promotes it A safe and respectful environment for your workers“The truth is that Tesla has for many years subjected women working in its Fremont factory facilities to the dream conditions of brutal sexual harassment,” each of the lawsuits filed against Tesla exemplifies.

The woman was wearing baggy clothes

In an interview with the Washington Post, one of the plaintiffs reported being harassed by his colleagues. Fremont plant, And she had to wear loose clothing that did not indicate the curves of her body so as not to receive harassing comments from the men who worked with her.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had complained to Tesla’s HR about sexual harassment by her co-workers, but promised that the only thing they did was change her area and did not get the support she was pointing out.

The applicant mentions that a similar situation was experienced by other women.

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They totaled eight cases in two months

These six sexual harassment cases are in addition to the two filed against Tesla last November.
One of those two lawsuits was filed by Jessica Barrasa, who vowed that supervisors and managers at the Fremont plant were aware of this “common culture of sexual harassment” but were directly involved in inappropriate behavior with workers.

“Every day for three years, my colleagues and I were neglected, threatened and touched. I wanted to come to work, I wanted to do my job, I felt humiliated, humiliated and shocked.Barrasa announced Location The margin.

The other woman, who filed the lawsuit in November, said she had been subjected to “continuous and widespread” sexual harassment.

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