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On their worst pass of the season, the Heat players had to keep their cool and welcome the Nets, and travel to South Beach. Bad news for Jimmy Butler fans, Miami was simply lifted by Brooklyn, with a basketball show and trash talk as a bonus. 110 to 95 victory for the visitors and frankly the final score does not reflect the difference in the match…

We’ll be back to wake up the heat.

We’ll be back in the zone to hear from the players, but it wasn’t clear we had to wait for the reaction from Eric Spoelstra’s men on Saturday. The Miami coach, who was absent this weekend for personal reasons, had to return the truck keys to his staff, hoping for a miracle. How do we get straight by welcoming Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on a mission, knowing that we’ve just run over Team B of the Knicks, Team C of the Sixers, and Team D of the Warriors? We have the answer: Well, actually, you can’t. If the hosts hold out in the first quarter and give us a glimpse of the beginning of hope, then the second quarter opened the doors for Explosion And the audience in Miami witnessed another terrifying evening. Between Kyrie Irving who was making his magic, Kevin Durant who had absolutely nothing to care about the physical presence of PJ Tucker and Andre Drummond who was harvesting and Seth Curry who was shooting from afar, which was pretty close. The start of the second quarter will actually turn into a professional playing field.

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Yes, a stadium for professionals. Because while KD was handcuffing the buckets, the demonstrations continued into the third quarter and the score became almost forbidden to minors: nearly 35 points behind, at home and after choking against New York the day before, the group’s reaction wasn’t much. We’re not going to talk about Udonis Haslem, frustrated on the bench, or Jimmy Butler, grinning after a bad connection. No, we’re going to rather talk about those who seemed particularly happy to show up in Miami at this exact moment. Because yes, the rumors that were circulated in recent days were theoretical. In fact, some observers around the NBA have begun to suggest that the Heat, wanting to avoid Brooklyn in the first round of the playoffs, slowed the pace of defeats. we willWe will not return to this hypothesis, but we can confirm that the Nets had this idea in mind with the firm intention of sending a message. Yes, sure, no one wants to face us in the first round of playoffs and no one should face us in the first round of playoffs. The point here is not to say that all is well for Bruce Brown and his gang. Simply put, in position and effort, there were two extremes this Saturday on the same floor and at the worst (or best) time of the season, depending on your point of view. When you fall behind by 30 pawns and get hustle By the opposite team is that you are completely disconnected from the meeting and evening. That’s where we were, from this match, we got 15 points but it was actually 40 points.

So yeah, we want to give a little love to Andre Drummond, who has taken so much in recent years.

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A true poet of our generation, the curling pivot allowed himself an incredible mid-game celebration, as if permeating the malaise of Miami. By intercepting the ball in his own half, Drummond runs into a counterattack and lunges toward the basket. But before her double stride begins, the human TGV looks behind, sees Tyler Herro, and launches a peace sign With his fingers, which makes matters worse. Dunk with two hands, respite from the heat, fans don’t know where to hide. Tribute to Terek Hill? maybe. But one thing is for sure, that in addition to the Miami sinking at home, Drummond single-handedly symbolized the level of optimism currently in Brooklyn. He knows it, and they know it, no one wants to face Kevin Durant and this group in a 7-game series, after working hard for months. Nobody wants this spoiled gift. But the netts are enjoying it. They even feed off of that feeling, of a kind of dread of competition that you don’t really want to cross paths with. With two weeks left to play before playoffs and automation, Steve Nash players will have some small tasks to manage by then. Like taking advantage of Kyrie Irving’s home debut, he can play against the Hornets at Barclays Center, for example. Like settling small physical glitches among veterans, LaMarcus Aldridge for example. For the rest, we will follow, with the same enthusiasm as Dédé Drummond on the counterattack.

These nets didn’t come to Miami for a taste of the beach and city clubs. No, on a mission to The Heat, Kevin Durant’s friends confirmed that they shouldn’t be seen in two weeks. Neither in the Playin Championship nor in the qualifiers. Good luck to those who come across.

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