NBA - Lakers won't shy away from the game, they'll take on the cool Stephen Curry!

Player: Stephen Curry shines to lead the Warriors to eighth place

What an extraordinary end to the season for Stephen Curry. A few weeks ago, the Warriors were still 10 in the West and were fighting with the Pelicans to retain the last qualifying place to play. Sunday evening, at the end of the regular season, they finished eighth after their final victory over Grizzlies (113-101), who drew with him before the start of the match. A spectacular rise in the standings led by the MVP duo, boiled during their last 20 outings with many incredible performances.


Wake up to expect: here’s the program of qualifiers and the first round of qualifiers

2 hours ago

So he finished with 46 points, and won the tournament top scorer title. The second of his career. Everyone is 33 years old. No player of his age has achieved such a performance since Michael Jordan in 1998 (35). Carey also joins MG – but also Wilt Chamberlain and Karim Abdul-Jabbar – in the highly closed club for basketball players with several episodes of champions, numerous awards from the best player and several seasons that ended in the top scorers’ rankings. But the leader’s 46 pawns were clearly needed to transform a complex situation. In fact, the Warriors were 77-86 ahead after 8 straight points from Dillon Brooks at the start of the fourth quarter. Steve responded with a three-point field goal and scored a number of award-winning decisive shots. 3 in the last 3 minutes. And so, finally, success for Golden State and the release of No. 30, to the applause of the audience, who chanted, “MVP, MVP.“The Lakers will have to be careful when they encounter him on Wednesday.

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The match: The Lakers won (without reason) but a new fear on LeBron James

The defending champions had to win in hopes of qualifying directly to the playoffs by reclaiming sixth place on the wire. Mission successfully accomplished 110 to 98 against Pelicans. But the Lakers were not masters of their own destiny. Blazers and Mavericks also won tonight from Sunday to Monday. Suddenly, Los Angeles stayed seventh and the California franchise switched over to play. With a decisive meeting you will approach him against the warriors without really being calm. Especially since LeBron James would have made his ankle injury worse.

The king was the first imperial for 27 minutes, scoring 25 points while providing 6 assists. Enough to put the Lakers on the path to victory. But he injured his ankle again after a corner kick. Suddenly, the four-player MVP went to the bench to experience the endgame with spectator skin. He already guarantees that he will be present in the decisive duel against the Warriors on Wednesday.

The Performance: New Trio by Russell Westbrook, Wizards VIII

As in the West, there was an eighth-place final in the East. Between Washington and Charlotte. The Wizards finally won (115-110) with 23 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists from Russell Westbrook. Decisive performance for the captain since his team was chasing the score at the start of the fourth quarter. The Hornets (79-90) took advantage of 12-0. But Westbrook and his team responded 17-4 to get back on top (96-94) before Bradley Bell (25 points) finally got the ball. By winning, the DC franchise now guarantees two chances to qualify for the playoffs. First by challenging Boston, seventh, then perhaps the winner of the match between Indiana and Charlotte in the event of failure against the Celtics.

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Duel: The Blazers and the Nuggets set a date

As was the case two years ago, Denver and Portland will challenge each other for the qualifiers. But this time from the first round. The Blazers beat the Nuggets (132-116) Sunday night to secure sixth place. CJ McCollum, 24 points, and Damian Lillard, 22 with 10 assists, led the decisive charge for their team. Even after the loss, the Colorado Series retained their third place as the Clippers lost to Thunder at the same time. The series between Blazers and Nuggets promises to be very attacking and lively.

Team: Nicks fourth!

The Knicks had 20 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists from Julius Randall, and had the upper hand over the Celtics (96-92). Consequently, they finished fourth in the Eastern Conference, and thus will have the ground advantage in their first qualifying participation since 2013. They will face New York Atlanta.

Cart: E’Twaun Moore to win

The sun can still hope to take first place in the west. They beat Spurs on this killer basket from E’Twaun Moore.

Despite this, they would already be in second place – and thus possibly opposed to the Lakers in the first round of the qualifiers – since the jazz team proved their place on the throne by beating the Kings.

Cart (duplicated): Les Nets Regalent

Brooklyn was ranked # 2 in the East while also delivering an outstanding teamwork.

French: Hayes ends hard

Killian Hayes finished his first season in the NBA on a high note, collecting 10 points and 4 assists with the Pistons. A more discreet performance by Theo Maledon, who played just 13 minutes before ending the match on the bench with 3 points and 4 assists. Teammate Jilin Hurd scored 5 points. 7 points, not the slightest missed shot by Timothy Loew Caparot (3 of 3), and he leveled 7 minutes during the Nets’ victory over the Cavaliers. Rudi Joubert scored 13 points and 16 rebounds for jazz.

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All grades

Nyx – Celtics: 96–92
Raptors – Pacers: 113–125
Magicians – Hornets: 115–110
Tottenham-Suns: 121-123
Warriors – Grizzlies: 113-101
Hawks – Rockets: 124-95
Curling – Cavaliers: 123-109
Sixers – Magic: 128-117
Pistons – Heat: 107-120
Bulls – dollars: 118-112
Timber Wolves – Mavericks: 136-121
Pelicans – Lakers: 98–110
Thunder – Clippers: 117-112
Trail Blazers – Nuggets: 116-112
Kings – Jazz: 99-121


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