Do you have a health pass when you go to the restaurant? At L’Epée brasserie this Wednesday in Quimper, customers had the right A small verification function : An event organized by the Directorate of Finasteries and the Department of Public Safety. Thus the police checked the health cards of the employees and customers. No word of mouth was drawn, Everything was in order.

Since August, The test was conducted on 133 companies, Or 2,605 customers. Only 14 words were drawn.

This is not the first time the police have conducted such a raid. This is important Multiply this type of activity to prevent, Explains Jose Troop, deputy federal commissioner at Quimper. “We have to be in this kind of surgery, it is a matter of public health, and citizens and individuals need to protect themselves because they have to involve themselves in complex, hygienic and medical situations, and we see our hospitals overflowing.

Do not underestimate your security on New Year’s Day

Police will be strengthened on the evening of December 31 to combat drunken driving, especially with road control measures.

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