The stars and tapes shine on TV between Alan Friedman and Edward Luttwak.  Zelensky talks to Putin every day - Il Tempo
Luca de Lillis

Sparkling with stars and stripes. During the broadcast by Giovanni Flores, DiMartedì, which was broadcast on Tuesday, April 26 at La7, two American experts were severely arrested. The protagonists of the televised clash are Alan Friedman, former London journalist and political scientist Edward Luttwak. Luttwak says two contradictory things – Friedman attacked – on the one hand the Pentagon hawk says that more weapons should be sent to Ukraine. I am ashamed of this. Then he said instead a phrase of Russian propaganda asking for a referendum in Donetsk as in Crimea using Russian dolls Fake, fake and illegal.” That’s not all, because the New York journalist upped the ante: “Lutwak, a right-wing man who loves Reagan and loved Trump even when he was on his knees, out of respect for Putin, does he want Biden to make an offer to Putin?”

The Romanian-born economist did not take long to reply, replying: “What I was trying to explain is that in order to reach peace, one must first close the door to a possible Russian victory. The Ukrainian armed forces have few armored vehicles and tanks, although Europe It has a lot in warehouses that it does not use. A lot of heavy weapons should be sent to this ground battle, and at the same time, a credible offer should be made to Putin.” Friedman seemed annoyed, urging him: “Who’s making the show?” Then Luttwak began to appear, despite the apparent calmness on his face: “I don’t work in a circus. I am a strategic advisor to my government. And among the allied governments we must work in the field of possibilities. As he speaks to us every day, Zelensky must say to Putin, because he speaks to us every day, ‘I accept The referendum, “and then there must be a ceasefire.” The emergence of conflicting voices from the study. How do they talk every day if the first thing Putin wanted to do was to kill Zelensky?

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