With the arrival of July, there are some brands that could benefit thanks to the name of the product and that users are welcoming the seventh month of the year. Among them, “Julio Regalado” stands out, although it is not a product, it can be translated as one of the most successful campaigns in Mexico.

The character originally created for the supermarket chain, Comercial Mexicana, is still valid though the years have passed and even the creative brand has somewhat ceased to become part of Soriana.

Dozens of people have taken to social networks to post comments about Giulio Regalado and his popular shows, which start at the end of June and run throughout July.

This fact has put the term “Julio Regalado” among the strongest trends on Twitter. Data provided by TweetReach measurement service indicates that the last 100 tweets on this topic generated around 366.9K impressions with the potential to reach 318K 059 accounts.

The above speaks of the good standing of Julio Regalado as a campaign that remains in the mind of the consumer, as well as the name Comercial Mexicana, which gives an organic view, because it is the consumers themselves who mention the campaign.

Stayed Julio Regalado

After the purchase, Soriana decided to continue to take advantage of an item that had become an icon of “La Comer”: her Julio Regalado promotional season, which represented benefits for Comercial Mexicana for up to one month of sales and was expected to generate more for Soriana than 11 billion pesos.

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Despite the years, Soriana hasn’t been able to make Julio Regalado more related to the series than it is to Comercial Mexicana, but it is still very well received by consumers, so that year after year it returns to users.

Success between organic and capital

Soriana keeps the Julio Gift campaign active, but the fact is that consumers themselves are also the ones who salute the character in July, which turns into ads and highlights the value of user-generated content.

Given this, the supermarket chain should continue to exploit this strategy, at least until consumers stop appreciating it, especially at a time when social network penetration can be a real problem for large corporations.

Data from recent research by Proxima indicates that globally up to 60 percent of the budget that advertisers allocate to the digital environment is wasted each year, including social media management.

However, it seems that Soriana and Julio Regalado’s success is still guaranteed, at least in social networks.


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