Leclerc rappelle des glaces Snickers, Twix, Bounty et M&M’S, avec différents formats d'emballage concernés, précisant le code barre concerné et les DLC/DMC pour chaque format.

In mid-June, several recalls of ice cream containing ethylene oxide in excess of the maximum allowable rate were carried out. On Thursday, July 22nd, distributors recalled other types of ice cream for the same reason Refers to the specialized Oulah website.

Thus, Auchan recalls Lion’s trademark Paw Patrol sticks, in the form of a box of six for a total net weight of 210 grams. The barcode is 3830053872197, with an expiration date (best before date) 07/30/2022 and a Minimum Durability (DMC) date of 11/01/2022.

Leclerc remembers Snickers, Twix, Bounty and M&M’S ice cream, with different packaging formats, specifying the respective barcode and DLC/DMC for each format.

Ethylene oxide, which is used to disinfect products, is classified as a carcinogen if consumed in high doses. This smoked gas is used to process food against bacteria.

If you have purchased an affected plot of land, you may not consume the product and return it to the point of sale. If consumers have already consumed these products,” Various disorders may appear In this case, they are invited to see a doctor or poison control center.

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