Game of Thrones: HBO Max will develop two animated shows for the series

Game of thrones – Known in Spanish-speaking countries as Game of Thrones – has reached the screens HBO in 2011. To say that her medieval history captivated her fans would be to understate the huge impact she had on television. Its plots inspired the creation of another series of the period and opened a world of possibilities for fans of role-playing games.

In fact, the great reception from the public allowed its development into 2019, when the final season concluded with boom years of undeniable success. In this sense, to the delight of fans, a pre-show titled The House of the Dragon, set 300 years before the events listed in the beloved show we all know, has been confirmed.

moreover, flea bottom The subject of gossip was like what would be a new live production in development, which sought to expand the universe created by George RR Martin. However, the Hollywood Reporter refused to continue the aforementioned project. However, the aforementioned portal has mentioned it in detail No fewer than two Game of Thrones animated shows are about to begin.

One of them, as the above-mentioned magazine explains, will rely on Yi T Golden Empire, an unexplored region in fiction and located on the continent of Essos, on the southern border of the already known world whose society is considered one of the oldest and most advanced, most likely in reference to China. Details regarding other potential titles have yet to be released.

What will we see in the house of the dragon?

It will tell the story of the Targaryen family in Westeros 300 years before what happened in Game of Thrones. The series was written by Miguel Saposhnik (who has already directed major episodes of GOT) and Ryan J. Condall and executive producer and author of the original book series George R. R. Martin.

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