Send a message to yourself - this is how it works

WhatsApp is essential in most smartphones. With a little trick, you can also send messages to yourself. We explain how you can leave a note on yourself in WhatsApp.

Messenger competitors like Telegram are already one step further and offer a straightforward way to send a message to yourself. WhatsApp doesn’t have a note option yet, but you don’t have to dispense with the functionality found in the popular Messenger either.

WhatsApp as a note-taking app: send a message to yourself

For this, you can simply use the group functionality in the messaging app. First, invite any friend to join New Group one and expels him again. Of course, you should inform the relevant contact of your project to avoid any misunderstanding. you now Alone in the group You can send messages to yourself. To use WhatsApp as a notepad, you can also pin the single group with a pin. This way, your chat history remains permanently visible in the top area, even if you haven’t sent yourself a message for a long time.

You can also send messages to yourself in WhatsApp.

This is how you write yourself on WhatsApp

There is also an easier way to use WhatsApp as your to-do list or notes app. To do this, you first have to create a contact with your own phone number, which belongs to the WhatsApp account. Be sure to enter the area code in the format “+49” and not with a leading “0”.

private whatsapp messages
If you add your number as a new contact, you can write to yourself directly

Now you choose it Enter into the Contacts app And tap on the phone number including the WhatsApp icon to start a new conversation. Now you can call so yourselvesTo write a direct message. Chat is treated like any other message flow. In the conversation window, for example, you can like your profile picture and view the online status. You can use all the functions of the messenger in your chat. So you not only write your own text messages, you also use WhatsApp as a dictation device, collect links or like smileys and GIFs. If your WhatsApp account is linked to a browser, then media files like photos and videos can easily be exchanged between smartphone and PC in this way.

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