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Just because you’re from Sweden doesn’t mean you can’t ride with your hair in the wind. For its second concept car, electric car brand Polestar has created a convertible sports car. Dubbed the Polestar O2, the car uses design codes launched by the previous Polestar concept car, the Precept.

You could even say that this Polestar O2 Concept is a convertible version of the Precept, as the resemblance is staggering. Both cars share a very similar front end, and it appears that only the lower bracket of the bumper has been modified. More pitted, however, the rear facet bears the same light signature as the Swedish manufacturer’s previous concept.

Aerodynamics first

Polestar O2 (2022)Image Credit – Polestar

This 2+2 convertible also features a long wheelbase, and its design focuses on aerodynamics.

The roof consists of a retractable hard surface. Air intakes are integrated behind the front wheels to improve airflow.

Polestar says the taillights are designed to reduce turbulence behind the car.

Drone to photograph yourself on the road

Polestar O2 (2022)

Polestar O2 (2022)Image Credit – Polestar

Inside the concept’s minimalist cabin, Polestar explains that it used primarily a monomer thermoplastic material as well as recycled polyester to produce soft-touch surfaces.

Like a traditional modern car, this style study features a steering wheel, digital instrument cluster and a large touchscreen display on the center console.

Even more surprisingly, the interior of the car contains a drone that can be deployed when it is in motion to photograph it traveling at up to 90 km/h and broadcast the sequence on social networks.

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Sports sensations?

Polestar O2 (2022)

Polestar O2 (2022)Image Credit – Polestar

Polestar does not provide any information regarding the electric motors that power the O2 Concept. However, the brand ensures that the driving experience is envisioned as “exciting, light and full of confidence”.

The sensations offered by the concept car will be powerful, thanks to the solid chassis and intuitive controls. Management will be “agile, direct and linear”.

The Polestar O2 should remain a concept car for now. However, a mass-produced sports car could portend the future.


Polestar designers spend a second! They sign with Polestar O2 a new concept car, which takes the form of a 2+2 convertible. Its design takes the main lines of the previous concept of the brand. Equipped with an electric motor, the car also adopts a simple and durable interior. This contains a drone that can be deployed to photograph the vehicle while driving. There doesn’t seem to be a planned release date for this style study that could nonetheless shape a futuristic sports car.

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