Encouraging memory against Tachira: 4-0 in Bara Ono!  Olympia

Olympia plays the most important game of the season. Brigadier General Deportivo receives Tachira with the necessity of a four-goal victory to qualify for eighth place in the Copa Libertadores Championship. In the competition, Franjeado has a hopeful precedent against Aurinegro. In 2016, also on the last day of the squads, he scored the difference he needed.

He faces Olympia Deportivo Tachira on the final day of Group Two. After the 1–0 defeat to Internacional de Porto Alegre and the 7-2 victory of Orenegro at Olives Reddy, the Brigadier was complicated in the key, but he was still counting on himself to qualify. Eighth of the Copa Libertadores. The truth is that Franjido must win four goals if he is to play the next round of the continental tournament. It is difficult, but not impossible.

Among the three-time champion’s record of America’s greatest victories in Libertadores, they were all for the difference he needs, including the last one, which is an optimistic record against the same competitor, in the same scenario, but in a different context. In the 2016 edition, Olimpia and Táchira ended the group stage at Para Uno: those led by Fernando Gobero, who had already been eliminated, rejected the series on April 13 with a 4–0 win.

Claudio Vargas, Evan Torres, Freddie Barrero and Gustavo Mencia have turned into the Dean, who after five years needs that difference. From this team, including the three changes made by the Spanish coach, who faced the Venezuelans, Carlos Rollon and the left side with one of the goals, continues in the current squad. Moreover, among the three goals scored by former Siro Portino defender in the international tournament, three were against Tachira.

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