Coke Mocha!  Fresh flavor coming to stores in February

The ice cream company has announced that it will update the image of its packaging in 2022 and introduce new flavors to caffeine lovers: Coca Cola with mocha coffee.

Its new option: “Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha”, to add variety to its lines, will hit stores in February this year, the company said. Release.

Each 12-ounce can contains 69 milligrams of caffeine, which is twice the amount of a regular coke can.

“When we wanted a pick-me-up, during the mid-afternoon break, we started to increase the opportunities for the Coca-Cola brand,” said Brandon Strickland, director of the Coca-Cola trademark brand.

Regarding its image change, the brand delivered its first phase packaging in 2021 with Coca-Cola Original Taste and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new design has the logo on the top of the packaging.

Solid color cans represent single flavors (cherry and vanilla), while stacked colors relate to dual flavors (such as cherry and vanilla). A black line reinforces the sugar-free and calorie-free varieties, while a gold top indicates a caffeine-free allotment.

Natalia Suarez, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Choice Portfolio, said, “We want to modernize and simplify the look of our packaging to help customers find the flavor they want on the shelf with a colorful and clean packaging design.

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