MAKE YOUR FLOORS SHINE AGAIN: Use this exceptional ingredient at no cost

Great ground using this simple ingredient we all have at home. Excellent results at no cost.

Not everyone loves homework. So, if products are found to save time and get great results, we can be happy and satisfied.

between cleaning operations for washing floors It is one of the most tedious activities and does not always give the desired results. In fact, somewhat like glass, floors are always opaque and haloed. This may happen because the products you use may be too “strong”. So here are some Strategies to use Simple floor washing The product that everyone has at home.

Floor Cleaning: This is the product to use at no cost

Usually, there are steps you need to take to clean the room and place Floor cleaning This is the last thing to do: first remove the dust, then pass the vacuum cleaner and finally wash the floor. Dust must be removed first, or the floor will get dirty again.

Dish soap for washing the floor

An alternative product for washing floors (

As an alternative to a vacuum cleaner, you can use a broom or dusting cloth. This step is also important: Dust on the floor can scratch the floor and damage the paint. In the presence of children or pets, using products that contain chemicals is not always ideal, especially if surfaces will be washed several times a week.

The ideal solution is to use these products once or twice a month and instead scrub the floor with a brush As natural a cleanser as possible And why not, they are cheap too. In addition to always using the classic vinegar and baking soda, many probably don’t know that dish detergent It can also be used for for washing floors.

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Actually, thanks to him degreasing action It is ideal for removing dirt from tiles and eliminating dullness, making your floor brighter; Even shiny. It’s perfect for tile and vinyl surfaces, but pay attention to wood surfaces instead. Here’s the procedure: Fill a bucket with hot water and add two or three drops of dish soap and a tablespoon of vinegar to freshen the room.

We start by washing the floor by making a serpentine motion, in this way we make sure that the entire surface is cleaned. If the water is too dirty, change it, remembering to add the ingredients again. Finally, just rinse the floor with hot water and dry it with a microfiber cloth or an old towel for a shinier effect.


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