520,000 salary and a luxurious home but no one wants this job: the reason

The pay is excellent, the accommodation is great, the social standing is assured: why wouldn’t anyone want to do X’s work? The answer will surprise you.

An annual salary of €520,000 with comfortable free accommodation. Hands up who wouldn’t accept a job offer like this so quickly. However, if many ignore it, there must be a reason…

Nobody seems willing to apply for a well-paying job with rich benefits – AnsaFoto (Ossinotizie.it)

It happens in Australia, specifically in Quairading City, who are looking for a General Practitioner willing to settle there. and where, notwithstanding the most attractive circumstances, no one seemed willing to apply for the position. There is certainly a whole series of contributing causes and reasons, if young and old prefer skipping advertising may already have been done in our parts.

The job no one wants to do

What characterizes the job in question that you can’t find a living soul, or nearly so, willing to do it? Is it difficult, complicated and fascinating? The point is, Quairading is a small town of just 619 inhabitants, in the Wheatbelt: it was once an agricultural district particularly famous for its wheat production. Today, thanks to the strip’s decline, it has faced fearful depopulation, and the paint of the past has been lost. In other words, Whoever accepts the mission will end up living in an unknown location.

The required profession is that of General Practitioner (ANSA) – Ossinotizie.it

As usual, he who makes bread has no teeth, and vice versa. numbers in hand, In no more than 8 years, the country will need approximately 11,000 additional doctors. Hence the desperate attempt to offer an incentive of €7,800 for professionals wishing to stay for two years and one of €14,900 if the time period is extended to 5 years. In addition to the very interesting pay, there will also be a plus.

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It’s about the quality of the machine and the location of a dream. Not to mention the amazing accommodation available: four bedrooms, two bathrooms. If you want you can move right away. If the idea appeals to you, why not give it a try? An experience abroad is always worth trying. for the rest, There certainly won’t be a dull, remote and seemingly quiet town like Quairading. Think a little if you have the necessary requirements …


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