The promotion is perfect: Löwen Frankfurt gets the DEL license |

Everything is safe and sound: the Löwen Frankfurt returns to the DEL. After winning the second division championship, the license was also given the go-ahead on Tuesday.

Löwen Frankfurt has now officially secured a license for the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) after about two months of sports promotion. As the second division champion announced on Tuesday, DEL finally gave the green light after completing the testing process.

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“When we submitted the licensing documents at the beginning of May, we had positive expectations for the testing process, but the official confirmation is the last major and essential step for us in terms of returning to excellence,” said Managing Partner Stefan Kramer. “The expectation is of course increasing with each passing day.”

At the end of April, the Lions defeated the Ravensburg Towerstars in a best of seven streak in the DEL2 Final. Next season, they will replace Krefeld Penguin, who was relegated from the first division in Germany to the bottom of the main round of DEL.

Frankfurt DEL returns after twelve years

The last time an athlete’s touchdown occurred was in 2006, when the Kassel Husky family was injured. The DEL license was withdrawn from Frankfurt in 2010 under the name Frankfurt Lions, and then the game was discontinued. The parent club then competed initially under the new name at Regionalliga West.

All 15 clubs have secured the license for the upcoming DEL season. “The licensing phase always means working for the clubs. It’s a very good sign that we were able to license all the clubs. It’s a positive sign of the stability of the entire game process,” said DEL Managing Director Gernot Tricke. The 2022/23 season begins on September 15th. The schedule will be released on Friday.

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