Big lenders turn their backs on Trump (and look at DeSantis) -
From Massimo Gaggi

Donald has lost the support of many in his own party, and is also seeing the fading support of major conservative funders.

In the third challenge to conquering the White House, Donald Trump will be able to count on an army of loyalists ready to follow him everywhere, but he has already lost the support of many members of his own party who are now looking elsewhere, and he is also seeing the support of the major conservative lenders who have stood by him for years. .
The billionaires hemorrhage has begun Ken Griffin
Trustee of the Citadel Fund and the second largest funder of Republican candidates in the midterm elections (Donated $60 million) announced even before the vote on November 8 Ready to support Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election.

The Florida governor has become a catalyst for many wealthy conservatives who are tired of Trump’s unpredictability, brutality and lack of respect for democratic rules but not his policies.

Perspective a horns without trumping whoever pushed too Stephen Schwarzman
And the Senior manager of the Blackstone Fund And the historical ally of the former president, who turns his back on him on the eve of announcing his re-nomination: it is time to make room for a new generation of Republicans.

Founder of the interactive group Thomas Petrfi
And the financier Andy Sabin Closely followed while Schwarzman Ronald Lauder, half owner of Este Lauder, has announced that it will no longer fund Trump, as it has done in the past. Stephen Ross, who has donated in the past and organized fundraisers for Trump and who matters a lot in Florida—king of real estate developers and owner of the Miami Dolphins football team—has not yet expressed himself publicly, but he has made it public. He is ready to support DeSantis. According to some even Oracle Larry Ellisonanother historical friend of Trump, was considering a change of horse.

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We’re still far from the 2024 presidential campaign and DeSantis hasn’t yet spoken about his candidacy, but all the conditions are already in place for Trump’s lenders to bleed into an avalanche: apart from the billionaire publisherRupert Murdoch
who, instead of his wallet, votes with his newspaper, hostile to Trump’s re-nomination while Fox News TV is also becoming less Trumpist, to pursue the increasingly conflicted relationship between the ex-president and the Growth Club: this body promotes right-wing economic policies, an expression of many Republican tycoons, Above all, the ultraconservatives Jeffrey Yass (billionaire and investor in TikTok) and Richard Oehlen (Schlitz beer and industrial supplies), during the midterm campaign, backed alternative candidates to Trump extremists and rejected his terse requests to change course. Trump is wealthy and could do it himself, but he doesn’t want to invest his money in the campaign. and then, He loses his fellow travelers of old.

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