The victory of Austria, Wacker also celebrated the success of «

Austria Klagenfurt celebrated their 4-0 home win over Horn, at the bottom of the table.

to Denise Maryodnig | 4:20 PM, May 16, 2021

Cheers among violets © GEPA Pictures

Title contender SK Austria Klagenfurt remains in the game for a place to relegate to advance to the Bundesliga until the final round of the second division. On Sunday, Violet dominated the bottom of the league Horn with a score of 4: 0. But Walker Innsbruck showed no nudity in Steyr. Former Austrian Okan Aydin made it 1-0, Ronivaldo increased to 2-1 shortly after the first half and Zazen made it clear with his 3-1 goal. The decision was made in the last round. Austria should play with Rapid Amateurs, Wacker welcomes Juniors OÖ into the house.

The first half of the game: Already in the second minute, Violet has a great opportunity. Grill’s Perfect Free Kick – Maher’s skin nudged right past the gate. But Horne kept it up perfectly, giving himself a big, killer vibe – ten minutes later the guests had a big chance – they were lucky. Waidmannsdorfer was still looking for the necessary breakout force. Horne did a really good job of getting the bottom of the table. Austria with minor initial difficulties, the guests reigned well in duels. Shortly before the intermission whistle went off, relatively little had happened at Wörthersee. But in the last minute of the first half, it was striker Marcus Pink who put the Carinthians ahead in fast action, almost out of nowhere. Miesenböck played the ball perfectly in the middle and the Carpentians took advantage of Stangl’s pass well.

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The second half: The Horns still haven’t given up, always putting on good accents. Austria looked tense at times, but Klagenfurt made it 2-0 after ten minutes of play. Tsvetko brought a powerful cross in the middle, and Anderson rose to the header and scored 2-0. After the home’s small preliminary decision, the match extended a little. In the final stage, it was Hütter, who was recently substituted at position (75), who clarified everything with his goal to make it 3-0. Born 1: 3, but the goal is not considered due to an offside position. In the end, the largest class clearly prevailed. Rossk, who is moving to GAK after this season, made it 4-0 in the 90th minute. This was Austria’s seventh victory in the eighth game.

Austria list: house; Moreira, Jacquesus, Maher; Grill, Anderson, Tsvetko, Rusk, Stroudy, Messenbock; Pink color.


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