Bennett sells controversial unisex hijab

The United Colors of Benetton brand has teamed up with Italian-Tunisian rapper Gali to announce the launch of its unisex hijab collection. Not everyone likes the results.

The Benetton Hijab, which sells for 29.95 pounds sterling or 35 euros, is described by the brand as “unisex hijab in an extended fabric with a printed logo that combines the Benetton logo and the G of Khali”. The product is available in four colors: black, red, green and yellow.

For hip-hop rapper and record producer Kali, this hijab was obvious, he said during Milan Fashion Week: “The hijab is a unique outfit I absolutely wanted. There was no opposition from the company to add it to the collection. There is no one to represent, and now it’s normal. “

Bennett from “Back to the Crusades”

Launched in late September, Bennett’s new collection sparked a wave of criticism, especially via social networks. Many internet users on Twitter are making a connection between the design of this hijab and the Knights of the Crusaders costume. We read: “In 1095, Godfrey set out to liberate Jerusalem; In 2021, Benetton will bring him back to France.

Politicians have also reacted to this hijab. LREM deputy, Aurore Bergé wrote: “Inclusive hijab or identity madness … At first we think of fake news, it seems very illusory. But is on sale. Benefit? You can’t buy it. Don’t go to Benaton anymore. “

Eric Zemmour also criticized the choice of the Italian brand: “‘Wokism’ at the service of Islamization of the Western world.” Movements such as the hijab, traditionally worn by Muslim women, were launched in Iran in 2016, and men should wear it in favor of women.

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