Launching however! Football club OM: The 10 biggest sales in history

After the final day of the crazy transfer window, which saw Newcastle and then Wolverhampton looking at him, Boubacar Camara decided to stay at OM. The two Premier League clubs have offered a paid loan to OM (2.5 million euros) with a purchase option from 12 to 15 million euros. Pablo Longoria would have liked to sell his player in order to formalize the new recruits. But Minot decided to stay in his club of hearts, unsure whether magpies and wolves would be a good destination for his career.

Suddenly, Camara is supposed to finish the season in Marseille, where he will end his contract in June. But there is no doubt that he will leave freedom next June. “I know what I owe this club, I will not do the Flamini match,” the defender reportedly told Sasha Tavoleri. In the summer of 2004, after a very successful first season at OM, Matteo Flamini preferred signing his first professional contract with Arsenal rather than staying with his coaching club. Camara doesn’t want to come that far, so she’s obviously opening the door for Pablo Longoria for extra time.

Camara ready to expand to OM

At the end of the contract next June, Boubacar Camara, who refused to leave the club this summer when called up by Newcastle and Wolverhampton, will be ready to extend to OM in order to leave the compensation on the day he leaves.


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