How much will Starlink, Musk's Internet, cost in Mexico?  - Finance

Wireless satellite internet signal from Starlink Satellite Systems, a company Elon Musk, with a monthly cost in Mexico of $99, i.e. thousand 960 pesos ب Friday’s exchange rate.

This, in addition to buy station 500 dollars: 9896 Mexican pesos according to Information company.

On Thursday, Elon Musk’s company For 10 years I acquired the rights to transmit and receive signals for wireless internet via satellite in Mexico by the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT).

Starlink Satellite Systems Mexico, S. DE RL DE CV, through its legal representative, has submitted to IFT an application for a license to exploit the rights to broadcast and receive frequency band signals associated with foreign satellite systems that cover and may provide services in the national territory.

In light of this, the Communications Regulatory Authority explained to El Financiero that the permission granted to Starlink is only for the rights to broadcast and receive signals, so the company will require one concession to be able to provide communication services in the country.

Starlink is offering an initial beta service internationally and is seeking to expand its coverage in 2021. According to the company, its internet service is ideal for Rural areas, because it provides the possibility to contact high speed broadband To sites that were not completely reliable or unavailable.

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