Lemken Solitair with double seed hopper: more seedling variety

TheThe Solitair 9+ Duo hopper offers a capacity of 1,850 liters, which can be split 50/50 or 60/40 as needed. Two systems are available:

With individual brush systemAfter passing through the two dosing units of each of the two hopper tanks, the seeds or fertilizers are combined. The various inputs are then routed through a seeding tube to dual disc generators and deposited into the groove. Thus it is possible to spread an initial dose of fertilizer, well suited for winter sowing, or to do a complete spread of summer sowing. Automated cut-off of the tram line is integrated into the distributors.

Dual brush systemAt the same time, it provides greater versatility in placing the inputs. Here they flow separately through double diffusers in two seed tubes to a double disc coulter. The placement can then be carried out either in a single row as with the single spreading system, or separately and alternately in two rows, thanks to the quick change of the tramway cartridge in the distributor. In addition, the seeding depth for each second row can be adjusted separately with a difference of up to 5 cm across the reassembly roller. Thus it is possible to sow two different types of seeds at the optimum sowing depth, or to fertilize at the same time between rows.

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The Solitair 9+ Duo is available with a working width of three or four metres. Applications are now accepted; However, the availability of the devices is scheduled for January 2022.


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