The 2026 World Cup will leave important economic benefits for Mexico

Mexico City /

The world Cup from FIFA 2026 will leave in Mexico He said that the economic benefit is 500 million dollars yon de luisa, head Mexican Football Federation (Vimxfoot).

The sports fair will be a cup FIFA The biggest in history and the first with 48 teams and 80 games in total. This will be held in United State (which will own a 75 percent stake), Canada and Mexico (each with a 12.5 percent stake).

“In terms of investment, the World Cup stadiums are private, one of them is owned scratchedDeceive Mexican economic development (vims); another person from the Vergara family; And the third of Televisa Group. In this sense, all the arrangements to be made are private investments,” said the Femexfut President.

The director noted that both the stadium BBVA Like Akron, in Guadalajara, it will require minor investments, such as stadium standardization (which FIFA will require from the 16 stadiums), drainage and ventilation systems, among other minor modifications he said he expects to be made between 2024 and 2025.

“A big investment is an investment Aztec Stadiuma; There is talk of an investment of nearly $150 million, in which many parts of the stadium will be renovated, and basically everything below, the dressing rooms, will be central; The eastern amphitheater, which we see today with 13 VIP boxes, will be reconstructed, and an open amphitheater will be constructed again, in which the stadium will be able to restore about 5 thousand seats, from 80 to 85 thousand seats in its capacity,” it was highlighted.

Yon de Luisa confirmed that Fimxfoot It does not have the opportunity to gain sponsorship during the 2026 World Cup, as the public part of it, ticket sales and revenue generation are centralized by FIFA itself.

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According to figures from Statista, in 2021, it was International Football Association (FIFA) It earned $131 million in marketing rights revenue.

“How the financial and economic issue of the World Cup is organized is that FIFA pays for the three stadiums, and they pay rent which is divided into a daily rent for match days and one for non-match days, which requires the host city that they do not use the stadium for any other event. We estimate that this part of the economic benefit of renting stadiums exceeds $20 million for the World Cup period between the three stadiums in Mexico.”

I saved this The World Cup will create 4,000 direct and indirect jobs for every city, before and during the event.

“In sponsoring the Mexican national team we were already covered at 100 per cent of our budget for the 2018-2022 cycle, fortunately the partnerships we had with the various sponsors were positive; we pulled out of Citibanamex, but we were immediately able to make up for the damage with Banorte as we work Really hard on the various renewals, we already have 80 percent of the budget from 2023 to 2026 covered and it won’t be long before we start anticipating what the 2027-2030 cycle will be. Our decisions are strategic decisions that brands decide to partner with early on,” he said. .



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