Trump investigated for espionage: Top-secret documents in his villa.  Ex-president defends himself: 'They have all been declassified'

Donald Trump He is under investigation by the FBI for espionage and concealment, destruction or removal of classified documents. After hours of reckless actions from the mainstream US media, the declassification of an FBI search warrant on the former president’s Florida residence reveals a disturbing truth. It details all the “top secret” papers that the Federal Reserve took from the billionaire’s residence, including the materials of the French president. Emmanuel Macron.

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Trump under investigation for espionage: Here’s why

Violation of espionage law, destruction or concealment of classified documents, obstruction of investigation. These are the three heavy-handed allegations the FBI investigated about Trump that sparked the feds’ attack at the Mar-a-Lago resort. The authorization, which is more than three pages long, does not specify what “top secret” documents the former president illegally seized at the end of his tenure in the White House. But, according to many observers, it will be those papers on nuclear weapons that the Washington Post submitted before them. Documents marked “TS/SCI”, which indicates one of the highest levels of secrecy in the US government. In all, the Federal Reserve took 11 files, 20 boxes of items, photo folders, and even thanked Trump to his buddy Roger Stone away from the beachside accommodations. Among the documents, there is also material about Emmanuel Macron that is tagged with the words “French President”.

Trump defends himself: ‘All documents have been declassified’

Trump, who, in agreement with his attorney, allowed the publication of the authorization, immediately counterattacked. Number one, everything has been declassified. Second, they didn’t need to “hijack anything”. They could have it when they wanted without getting involved in politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago,” wrote on social media the truth about documents taken by FBI agents during the search. “They were in a safe place, with an extra lock placed after they asked me,” he added, in A reference to that visit by the feds to his residence in June, when agents also searched the safe that the former president kept inside. The valuable papers. What could happen to the businessman at this point is unclear. The crimes of espionage and the seizure of “secret” documents extremely” could endanger the security of the United States and other countries. But it remains to be established whether it was committed by the former president and at what level of seriousness. According to some observers, Trump may risk decades in prison, according to others, he may get away with financial.

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