Covid, a million-dollar prize for those who get vaccinated: Here's where

Than yes Vaccinate Can win b Million dollarsThis is the initiative taken by a governorOhio Mike DeWine last Wednesday. For some time now, American political leaders have been trying with all their might to persuade their fellow citizens to get the vaccine.

Now comes from DeWine an initiative that is as bizarre as it is tempting. In fact, the politician has stated that five residents of his state will be able to Earn some money Once per week with an extract intended exclusively for adults who have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Covid vaccine, a million dollar prize for a vaccine

In Ohio, those who get vaccinated can win a million dollars, which is what Republican DeWine created to raise awareness among its citizens about vaccination and increase the number of People are immune to Covid-19The, for now, the only way to end or at least slow the spread of the virus. The money will be taken from federal relief funds to fight the pandemic. DeWine defended her choice with a tweet, saying:

“I know some might say, ‘Dwayne, you’re crazy! Your million-dollar design idea is a waste of money.’ In fact, the real waste at this point in the epidemic, when a vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it, is the loss of life due to COVID-19. “

Other initiatives in the United States

Currently, about 117 million people in the United States have received the vaccine, or so One third of the population In general, as reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, in the recent period, the pace of vaccination has slowed down due to ambivalence, suspicion of the antidote, and a decline in infection. In recent weeks, the number of vaccinations has decreased by about a third, according to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To encourage vaccination, several states have launched a series of initiatives, such as: New Jersey And the Connecticut Who have entered into agreements with pubs and beer pubs to offer a free drink to newly inoculated people. The Maryland Instead, he decided to give $ 100 to state employees who get vaccinated. Even governor New York, Andrew Cuomo made deals with baseball teams in the Mets and Yankees to distribute free tickets to pre-match vaccinated fans.

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