Germany will supply Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems

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After the numerous developments in the German media since this morning, late afternoon the German government confirm it Which will supply Ukraine with about 50 anti-aircraft systems, and will significantly review its policies on the use of weapons and military means for the defensive activities of the Ukrainian army, after the invasion of Russia. This decision was confirmed by German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht during a meeting organized by the US Air Force at its European headquarters in Ramstein, southeast Germany, among 40 countries.

In the coming weeks, the German government will supply about 50 tracked self-propelled and anti-aircraft Gibbard with a turret equipped with two 35-mm guns. Armored vehicles of this type have been used since the late seventies, after the production of nearly 600 models. Since then, these vehicles have not undergone any particular changes, but their aiming systems have been gradually updated with new computers and software. Gepards can be used against aircraft, drones, missiles and helicopters at a distance of up to approximately 6 km.

Lambrecht also announced that Germany would take part in some training courses for Ukrainian soldiers. These activities will make it possible to transfer knowledge about the operation of various self-propelled and other short and long-range weapons, which are also provided by other European countries.

Germany’s new decision represents a significant change from the positions of the German government in recent weeks, which has been criticized by other European countries and the United States for its weak position on the issue of heavy weapons that it will supply Ukraine to defend itself. Last weekend, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz was still showing some doubts, saying he did not want to risk prolonging the conflict again.

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Schulz announced in February a €100 billion plan to modernize Germany’s military capabilities, but the government later looked instead hesitant So much so that some observers have speculated that the promises made will not be kept. This hesitation was seen as a possible sign of the weakness of the Western deterrence plan against Russia.


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