Republicans nominate a fourth president in two weeks –

In the end, the American Republicans got their share Fourth choice in just two weeksTo replace the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. They were nominated Mike JohnsonThe Louisiana representative said: The decision came during the night with the last closed ballot for the Conservative Conference of Representatives. Johnson, who received 128 votes, is the fourth proposed candidate after the historic removal Kevin McCarthy, which happened on October 3. Two candidates so far Steve Scalise and Jim JordanThe quorum for voting in the Council was not reached, while the third, Tom Emmer, the majority leader, was forced to surrender to the reaction of the former president. Donald Trump He announced his withdrawal from the competition a few hours after being nominated by the party, when he realized that he would not obtain sufficient numbers to run in the elections. Johnson was the architect of the strategy adopted on January 6, 2021 to challenge the legitimacy of the election of Joe Biden as president.

the The Republican Party is in complete disarray and obstructing CongressShe expected important votes on international politics to paralyze her. And the insurmountable obstacle there Appointment of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (the third highest office in the country), and it is the prerogative of the great old party. Yesterday evening was marked by the last candidate in existence, the congressman from Minnesota Tom Emmer, who then ended in a brutal blow-up Within a few hours. He was The third candidate to fall victim to divisions Internally among Republicans, Tom Emmer’s name was coined by the party itself, but it soon became clear that he would not get enough votes. He was heavy, first of all The “torpedo” dropped by former President and Republican Party strongman Donald Trump. “He’s not a MAGA guy,” Trump declared in reference to the acronym “Make America great again”It is the slogan that embodies his political line. The former president continued: “His election would be a tragic mistake,” accusing Emmer of never respecting his instructions.

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Emmer was supported among others byFormer House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The most pro-Trump wing of the Republican Party dropped it because He had supported the presidential vote that led to Biden’s election In the White House.


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