Milwaukee 8 Chicago 5

Milwaukee. – molten man The game tied with one when there were two outs in the eighth inning, and Milwaukee Brewers Close to seizing the division mace, by winning Friday 8-5 day Chicago Cubs.

The Brewers’ “magic number” to be crowned at NL Central has been reduced to four games. The number that guarantees his fourth consecutive appearance after the season ends has been reduced to two.

Milwaukee scored four times against the Savior Rowan Week (0-1) in the eighth game, to return and defeat the Cubs for the tenth time in a row.

The Brewers’ longest winning streak over the same competitor in franchise history was in 2008, when they recorded 12 wins against Pittsburgh Pirates.

One night after wasting a 7-0 lead to lose 17-8 to Philadelphia Phyllis, letting the Cubs lead 4-0.

Wong hit 5-3 and the Mexican Louis Urias He drove in three runs. Aaron Ashby (3-0) Five hits and three hits allowed in three empty relief innings.

Josh Hader And he settled the ninth game to reach 32 exports in 33 chances.

For the Cubs, Venezuelans Rafael Ortega from 5-2, Wilson Contreras from 5-0, Robinson Sherinos from 1-0. Dominican Sergio Alcantara 4-1 with one click.

For beer, Venezuelans Eduardo Escobar 4-1 with one recording, Omar Narvez from 2-0. Mexican Urías 3-2 with one and three RBIs. Dominican Pablo Reyes Not a formal role but with an explanation.

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