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May 10 13:40

Serbian Novak Djokovicthe number one in the world and thus the best rated one, took another right move with his victory 6-3 6-2 about Russian Aslan Karatsev In his first game MA 1000 in Rome, Italy.

“loom”In his quest for his sixth title at Foro Italico, he demonstrated some classic skills. Playing in the main court, one of his favorite games, with his luxury made many fans stand up to him clap for him

“You always hope you can play some interesting and cool points, come out the winner and celebrate with the crowd. That’s what the fans are looking for: energy, passion, fighting and they want to see good tennis,” said the number one in the world. “We had some good points,” he added. 20 times grand slam champion, who only committed 10 mistakes Non-coercive, vs. 36 de Karatsev.

to stand on top

Djokovic needs to reach the semi-finals in Rome to stay top of the world rankings. Otherwise Russian Daniel Medvedev It will replace it, and the latter will be the first seed in it Roland Garros (Paris)who starts in May 22.

Djokovic missed several major tournaments earlier this year because he was not vaccinated against the virus. covid-19, So he was deported from Australia , first headquarters Grand Slam of the year. Still searching for his first title 2022. Lost the final match in Serbian Open Championship In your country against the Russians Andrey Rublev The Spaniards defeated him Carlos Alcaraz from 19 yearsin the semi-finals of the Masters 1000 de Madrid, at the end of last week. Next, he will face Swiss three-time champion Stan Wawrinka great blows, your compatriot Laszlo Djerrywho meets on Wednesday May 11.

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Other results

On clay courts from Italic forumstrong American staircase John Isner annihilate the Argentine Francisco CerondoloHe recently reached the semi-finals miami open championship, with victory for 6-4 6-3 So he will face the Spaniards Rafael Nadalspecialist “On the ground” y Ten times champion of Rome.

Argentinian Diego SchwartzmanFinalist, in 2020Saved two match points before eliminating the Serbian Miomir Kikmanovich, with victory for 6-2 3-6 7-6 (3).

Diego Schwartzman Photo by @InteBNLdItalia


Latest videos

Opening 2022

May 10 12:23

On a note, the Olympia club strongly questioned the actions of the refereeing team that was responsible for the black and white classics. He asserts that he harmed Franjeado, took advantage of Gumarelo and requested that the six participating judges no longer work at the Dean Games.

Olympia sent a note to the Paraguayan Football Association, expressing his disagreement with the referee’s performance. “Once again, it did not go unnoticed and played a key role in starting the meeting,” the message began, later stating that the match was conditional and tipped the scales in Libertad’s favour.

In the letter, the threatened club defended Luis Zarate’s action which resulted in a second yellow card and caused Julio Enciso as collateral damage. He states that the defender had no malicious intent and there was no unsportsmanlike behavior or reckless entry.

He repeated in several paragraphs that the “unfair” expulsion of Zarat was specifically conditioned on Olympia, which could have shortened the distance, according to the memo.

Given this, Olympia FC is officially requesting that the six referees involved in that match not be appointed to the opening matches of the tournament.

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The judges appointed are: Mario Díaz de Vivar, Chief Referee. Eduardo Cardozo and José Cuevas, assistant judge; Juan Lopez, fourth official. Eber Aquino, VAR technical assistant and Nancy Fernandez, VAR assistant referee.


Paraguay Cup

May 10 12:03

The 2022 Copa Paraguay will officially start on the date (May 10) with many interesting matches for the first stage, and this competition will be historic, according to the Paraguayan Football Federation on its website, giving details of the awards and the number of teams that will participate. be in dispute.

One of the important data that the fourth edition of the Paraguayan Cup has is that it will be the tournament with the largest number of clubs in history (74 teams from 17 divisions and 39 cities in the country). Likewise, there will be an economic prize of 1 billion guarani among the top four ranked.

As for the sports awards, in addition to the cup, the dedicated will qualify for the Copa Sudamericana next season.

Photo: APF Paraguay Cup.



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