Michèle Laroque in Béziers:

“Alories on Dance” was presented by Michael Larog and choreographer Sofian Salal.

“Allors on Dance” is an English comedy taken from “Finding Your Foot” …

Michael Larrock : Yes, but this is not a film about dance, but a film about those who are going to learn the art of letting go and doing good by brightening the lives of non-dancers but in need. It’s a film about being real, passing an experiment, and using it to evolve. And, perhaps, to find your true path in life, you do not need to have thought. Since I love music and dance so much, I enjoyed making a film where some were.

You have used crowdfunding. Why?

Creating a community by allowing multiple co-producers the emotions one experiences while making a film. During the preview, “This is my picture!” That money was donated to the little brothers of the poor.

What do you like about directing?

I did a lot of sports and it was like being the coach of a sports team. To give them confidence, I want to give them what they can to tell the story I want to tell. It’s also not bad to be fully responsible for how you tell a story. When you are a director, the things that are on your mind are on the big screen. It is a way of talking about the vision of the human soul.

Who is the most uncomfortable on the team to dance to?

Sophian Salal : Theory Lermite has made it clear that he does not like dancing! For me, the real challenge was to train him, to make him dance, and to make him move a little to express joy and happiness. He was truly passionate. And Isabel Nandy and Patrick Timchid. As a coach it was a great team. With Michael, who was used to dancing and knew dance well, it was easy. It was a great shoot and a great experience. We collaborated well on the choice of music, the dance moves, the energies we could transmit through dance. It was so amazing! I think it will be shown in the picture. It expresses joy and happiness. That was the key.

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So let’s dance … from March 16th

After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Sandra (Michael Larrock) decides to take control of her life and takes refuge with her sister Danny (Isabelle Nandy). In contrast to each other, they find themselves in their common interest: dance. With the nickel-plated feet of her sister’s friends Lucian (Thierry Lermit) and Roberto (Patrick Timchid), Sandra finally discovers the freedom and madness that her life has lost. A little joke about time and friendship to watch from March 16th.


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