Giant human-like robot tested in Japan by Railway Construction Corporation

Many fairy tales imagine a future in which humanoid robots perform tasks normally reserved for humans. With the development of new technologies, this scenario is becoming more and more likely in the real world. Evidenced by the Japanese railway company JR West’s use of a giant machine to maintain its power lines. This new type of device has been tested since April 2022, Reports new factoryFriday, May 6th.

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A virtual reality headset that can be seen through the eyes of the robot

The robot, installed at the end of a hydraulic lift attached to a trolley, is capable of reaching a height of 10 meters and lifting nearly 40 kg using clamps, our colleagues detail. According to the company, it was manufactured with the intention of keeping employees safe but also to deal with labor shortages. “Our goal is to save about 30% of the labor in these operations and reduce the number of work-related accidents, such as electric shocks and falls”the company specifies on its website.

Currently, the robot cannot work alone and needs to be handled remotely by qualified personnel. Using a virtual reality headset and a haptic joystick to reproduce movements, the operator, housed in an isolated cabin, controls the robot to allow it to make repairs with precision.

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After the tests, the machine can be widely marketed in the spring of 2024.


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