People vote for the park, filling it with buried water

At the end of the citizens’ consultation, the people of Lily voted to turn Avenue to People Belgium into a park. The display of total filling that came in third is definitely rejected.

After years of debate about the future of the Belgian people in Lille, the future of Avenue is clearly sealed. During a press conference held in the town hall on Tuesday, June 7, Martin Aubrey released the results of a public consultation that began in early May.

For a while, the scene did not approve of the total filling of the old floor of Deul under 14,596 voters (i.e. 11% turnout). He finished third, trailing by only 133 votes to turn Avenue into a park.

As a reminder, four proposals were submitted to the Lily Residents Referendum “Transformation” Avenue to People Belgium: a park, a park and its water glass, part filling and total filling.

24% of voters voted for the first show, i.e. 3,909 votes. It plans to establish a large linear garden on the entire Avenue to People Belgium, which will replace the fragmented green spaces and existing car parks.

This one-kilometer-long park should extend from the rue Comtesse to the lifting plant located at the edge of Deele’s arm. “This growth is conducive to the diversity of plants and applications. “, Represents the Lily Town Hall. Trees are planted, giving more shade and coolness in the summer, and de-mineralization should make the soil rainwater permeable.

Furniture for kids’ games and relaxation and picnics will be installed throughout the park, in addition to a new area for walking. At the same time, car space should be reduced in favor of new safer lanes.

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Construction site, “Relatively uncomplicated”, Lasts four years (excluding preliminary studies). Total budget: மில்லியன் 25 million or about 30% of Lily City’s total investment budget for one year. This is the lowest cost of the four projects submitted to Lily residents during the consultation.

The fourth scene proposes the total replenishment of Avenue to People Belgium from Rs Comdes to the lifting plant. The plan is to return to the essence of Lille’s history, from entering a canal city in the early 20th century. Its filling, which began in 1929, was completed in 1965.

மில்லியன் 60 million – a budget equivalent to 90% of the city’s total investment budget for a year – is a very expensive project, estimated at 6 years excluding initial studies.

Brakes for Lily residents and nearby residents? With 3,776 votes, the project came in third behind turning it into a park (3,909 votes) and partially filling Avenue (3,785 votes). Did the end of a long soap opera start almost 20 years ago?

The project was already on Martin Aubrey’s plan during the 2008 municipal campaign. The first surveys were conducted a few years before they were halted due to the crisis.

But in April 2016, during a press conference dedicated to the announcement of the construction of the new court, the mayor of Lilly raised this sea snake with the alternative of a short sentence: “OhWe did not stop filling Avenue to People Belgium with water. “Adele had announced.

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Faced with the outcome of the consultation, Martin Aubrey said to himself “Disappointment” But make sure it is “Lilly’s choice will be respected”. The filling of Avenue to People Belgium seems to have been buried at this time.


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