Underwater streets in Normandy and the East


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P. Maugkar, R. Miri, E. Pelletier, G. Pasley, France 3 Regions, V. Legion – France3

France televisions

Heavy rains in France from Monday 21 to Tuesday, June 22 caused damage in Arne and Marne, and strong winds.

Streets Sub-N-Aaj, A village in Orn, was raided by homes and businesses from 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 22nd. Thirty-four people were evacuated, including three who drowned. Firefighters came out of the water just in time. “We have never seen this, so much water in such a short time, is interesting“, Starts a resident.

On Monday evening, the entire city center of Reims (Marne) was seen underwater for the third time in two weeks. “My insurance no longer wants to cover me, it’s three claims in ten days“, Disgraces a shopkeeper retrieving furniture, whose cellar has been re-infiltrated.”I lower my arms, I no longer close, it is dangerous“, He adds. In Dubs, a hurricane hit the roof of a farm without causing any injuries.

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