Ten years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a plane carrying 239 passengers disappeared into the air.

They passed Decade Exactly from day one Flight MH370 From the airline Airlines Malaysia She disappeared into thin air, taking everything with her 239 passengers on board. It was March 8, 2014 whenairplaneleft at 00.42 of kuala lumpur With the destination BeijingHe lost track of himself from the control screens and disappeared forever. day of Friday 8 March Passengers' relatives gathered in Beijingto seek the truth and release a New call in Chinese authoritiesso they can continue The research stopped more than 7 years ago.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has disappeared into thin air

Even today, a decade later, we have not discovered the reasons for the disappearance of the plane – A Boeing 777-200ER – We don't know exactly where it crashed (it was flying over South China Sea When it stopped showing up on the radar).

Flight MH370 departed at 00:42 from kuala lumpur, 7 minutes after the scheduled time. Minimal delay to a scheduled flight and easily recoverable at the cruise phase.

the Weather conditions were normal No specific risks or problems have been reported. Shortly after 1 a.m., the crew confirmed to the Kuala Lumpur District Control Center that they had arrived 10,700 meters above sea level And to be naturally on the expected route to reach Beijing.

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Then 40 Minutes into the flight, the plane's transceiver stopped transmitting. It is the point where facts end and hypotheses begin.

According to experts, the plane suddenly changed its course. Instead of flying northeast across the South China Sea, Boieng will inexplicably turn south over the Indian Ocean.

Ambiguity and hypotheses

A lot has progressed over the years hypothesis: Mechanical malfunction, mistake accidental, Change the route Intended by the pilot abduction.

In 2016, the Malaysian government offered A compensation 2.5 million yuan (More than 370 thousand dollars) to the family of each victim, on condition Do not take further legal action Against the national airline.

Relatives had to deal with a Reservation wall. a final report About the tragedy published in 2018 He pointed to flaws in air traffic control and said that the flight path was changed manually.

Relatives of passengers of missing Flight MH370 cheer outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing on March 8, 2024, the 10th anniversary of the flight's disappearance.

Periodically there are announcements about new research that will lead to a discovery Black box The car, but so far there has been no big news.

An appeal to the relatives of the victims on the occasion of the tenth anniversary

day of Friday 8 March Passengers' relatives gathered in beijing, In front of the Malaysian embassy to demand the truth and launch a campaign New call in Chinese authoritiesso they can continue The research stopped more than 7 years ago.

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A man, Li Shusi, who had a son on the plane, told the media that he remained “optimistic”:I think my son is still alive. He added: “We look forward to his return soon.”

Mourners consoled each other before chanting:Malaysia, our loved ones are backA group of demonstrators, one of whom carries a message addressed to the Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar IbrahimHe was allowed to pass the police cordon and approach the embassy, ​​then returned about 20 minutes later without speaking to journalists who were in a nearby cordoned off area.

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