When it comes to classic Pokemon, you can’t get more classic than Bulbasaur. It is literally the first Pokémon in all of the National Dex. It’s number one out of over 900. This little puffy frog deserves all the praise it can get, and that’s why Pokemon GO She does something a little different than usual on her community day. So what is the Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Ticket for Special Research Pokemon GO?

Today, January 22 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM in your local time zone, Pokemon GO Once again organize a community day. In this case, it’s a special secondary Community Day called Community Day Classic, which is a repeat of a previous Community Day event and the star of this special is none other than National Dex Number 1, Bulbasaur.

As with regular Community Day events, Bulbasaurs will spawn more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event, which also means a higher chance of finding a Shiny Bulbasaur. Plus, if you can evolve your Bulbasaur into a Venusaur, you’ll learn the special Grass Frenzy Plant type movement. Finally, you’ll get three experience points for each caught, and Incense and Lure Mods will last for the duration of the event if they are deployed.

In addition to the usual festivities, Pokemon GOThe in-game store offers a special research ticket to use during the event. You can buy this ticket for $0.99 to unlock the special quest story “Bulbasaur Community Day Classic”.

The exact content of the private research story has not been revealed at the time of writing, but based on previous Community Day posts, it is likely to be a series of research tasks, such as catching a group of Pokemon, developing Pokemon, taking photos with Pokemon, etc. Rewards will most likely be free encounters with Bulbasaur, as well as useful items such as Poké Balls and rare sweets. So whether you really love Bulbasaur or just want to get some cool stuff, this will definitely be an event you’ll want to pay for.

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