0.5 selfie is the new generation Z mania

It was introduced in smartphones as of 2019, by the iPhone 11, Galaxy S10, and later models. However, its potential in the field of selfies was discovered only a few months ago. according to The New York Times I was

Julia Herzig

, 22, of Larchmont, New York, was the first to take “0.5 selfies” with her friends almost for fun. The girl did this because the lens made her “crooked and weird”. “A few months later – Julia told the American newspaper – my wall was full of such pictures.”

Casual and fun the secret of her success – To use the ultra wide angle lens, you have to press

0.5x . button

(hence the selfie got its name) on the phone’s camera. Since this function is only available for the external camera, the subject cannot be seen while the photo is being taken.

Thus, the result can only be checked later and the resulting images often contain a random, crooked snapshot. Certainly unconventional. Also, especially if there are a lot of people, the photographer needs a good dose of stretching, especially for the arms, to get everyone into the scene.

All this, according to the youth of Generation Z, contributes to an increased pleasure in capturing a portrait, which is already preferred by the distortion effect obtained thanks to the lens. And to increase it, the best position has already been determined: put the phone perpendicular to the forehead and point to the hairline!


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