A huge 4,000-year-old discovery has been unearthed: happy archaeologists

An artifact of 4,000 years old, or possibly more, is currently the subject of discussion by some of the most enthusiastic archaeologists of recent times. It is a discovery that occurred near the site of Stonehenge.

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If we were asked to put together a list of things that come to mind when we think of England, after London and Queen Elizabeth, Stonehenge would definitely come in third.

This extraordinary mystical place is in fact the most visited archaeological site in the country and a place that has always aroused interest and curiosity. It is located a few kilometers from Salisburya city that still hears itself today and this time for a new discovery.

A 4,000-year-old discovery near Stonehenge shocks archaeologists

From now on, not only the areas around Salisbury will be known for hosting the world’s most famous megaliths. A short distance from the legendary Stonehenge, a team of archaeologists from the Cotwold Archeology Excavation work was carried out, to be precise, near a residential complex. What they find is something truly amazing and unexpected that can go back to ancient times.

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that it hill cemetery Exorbitant size. According to the first studies, the site could contain Dai 3,500 to 4,000 years old If not more.

The hills on the site have a circular shape. This type of earthen burial appeared for the first time in the Neolithic period, but experts have discovered similar buildings in later periods as well.

The most common mounds of the time featured a centrally located cemetery and ditch all around. As for the dimensions, it can be measured in diameter from 10 to 50 meters. Moreover, there are some that are meant for a single burial and others that can accommodate more than one instead.

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A vast necropolis of 4,000-year-old mounds

the Cemetery near Stonehenge It consists of about twenty hills organized into groups. However, it is believed that there may be others since the research work is far from over.

Experts have also found a Mass grave Inside it were the remains of unrecognizable men and children. In fact, the skeletons were not accompanied by any kind of funeral equipment that could provide any further information on their origin or identity. In fact, studios and students will be interested in providing this information Radiocarbon Insights in the next few weeks.

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In another circular mound, archaeologists have found some kind A stash of deer antlers. These materials were highly demanded by the ancient population and were mostly used to make tools, weapons, and combs, or to carry out rituals.

Then another area was revealed Planted balcony and a settlement dating from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, marked by pits where waste was likely to be dumped or grain stored.

In any case, all these discoveries need to be analyzed in more detail by officials so that they can discover more. In the meantime, the search continues and only after collecting all the necessary materials, the researchers will write a new interesting page in history.


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