Europe and Australia due to a mistake: Max Mayer fails tragically again

Europe and Australia due to miss
Max Meyer fails tragically again

Max Mayer and football, a relationship full of misunderstandings and tragedies. Once he moved to FC Schalke to further his world career, he has since moved from one club to another. He now plays for Midtjylland in Denmark – but is no longer in Europe, for which he is partly responsible.

The playoffs in the Conference League were very bitter for Max Mayer: he’s the second leg man against PAOK Thessaloniki – from a tragic point of view. The former Schalke player has been playing for FC Midtjylland for nearly a month and is on loan from Fenerbahce Istanbul. With the Danes, it’s about moving forward in Europe.

They won the first leg 1-0, but in Thessaloniki it was 2-0 to their opponent after half an hour. Goals from Andija Zivkovic and former Wolfsburg player Ferinha kept PAOK in control of Midtjylland. Mayer should look at the two goals from the bench. In the first half, coach Bo Henriksen is counting on the 26-year-old, and Mayer should provide the much-needed rise. And he succeeded. In the 80th minute a cross crossed in front of the goal, Daniel Hoegh scored to make it 2-1 – he saved in overtime. No game changer takes place in the game, so a penalty shoot-out should result in whoever advances to the Conference League Round of 16.

It is Meyer who confidently leads the way. He’s the first to stand on the point, and he wants to be the first to shoot his team up front. But he failed, PAOK goalkeeper Alexandros Bachalakis saved. Only the former Schalke and Cologne player gets it wrong – and Midtjylland is out. Because of Mayer, who did not score in the penalty shootout and had previously entered his team with a good cross. tragic.

He and his club have to leave the international stage, but the championship in the Danish league is still on the line. Mayer made his Premier League debut last weekend against Aalborg BK. Because of the 2-0 defeat, Midtjylland (35 points) fell to second place, while FC Copenhagen (36) advanced.

Chaos defines the profession

It looks like Max Mayer’s career will continue to be as bumpy as it once was. The talent of FC Schalke once wanted to get out and have a great career. What Meyer said in the winter of 2018 seemed almost exaggerated. At the time, he and his advisor wanted more than the 5.5 million euros provided by Schalke to extend the contract. Chancellor Roger Whitman argued that he was a “world-class player” and could be a key player at any big club in Europe.

Instead of Schalke, instead of a major European club, the next employer was Crystal Palace, and Mayer was expelled in Germany with contempt and ridicule. In terms of sports, he never got back on his feet, and could not take part in more than four international matches in the German Bundesliga. Somewhat surprisingly, he returned to the Bundesliga on a free transfer in January 2021. But he also did not reach 1. FC Köln, only six months later his contract was not extended.

Mayer was on the verge of being eliminated again before Fenerbahce Istanbul knocked on the door with former team-mate Mesut Ozil. A new opportunity is over after just six Süper Lig matches, five Europa League matches and one Turkey Cup match. Mayer was transferred, on loan to Denmark.

After three games with Midtjylland, it’s too early to get a summary, but so far there is: exit from the Conference League and defeat in the league including losing to the top of the table. It somehow fits into the tragic career of Max Mayer.

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