Kylian Mbabane:

Kylian Mbappé gave an exclusive interview to TF1. The PSG striker expressed confidence in his ambitions with the Blues.

On the page announcing the list of 26 players selected by Didier Deschamps for Euro 2021, Kylian Mbabane spoke exclusively with TF1. The PSG striker revealed his ambitions for the Euros, his dream of participating in the Olympics and winning the Golden Ball one day.

What is the goal set by Deschamps for the Euro? : “The goal for a great football nation like ours will always be the same. The purpose of trying to win this match is to try to give the best of us and to respect all the Frenchmen by playing as a team.”

Double World Cup, Euro, do you dream of it? : “Who doesn’t dream of it, it’s a matter of many French people, I’m not an exception. Of course we want to win, we always want to win. It will be an extraordinary achievement to be able to do this double, so we will prepare well. We will continue to use the experience of 2018 to advance and give us the best. That’s true .We will play our game as we always have and try to win. ”

Want to renew the feeling of success in 2018 that you want to double? : “Of course, it is very important for us to recognize an entire country, to know that an entire country supports us. We want to give it a win. We know that it is very important for the country and the French.”

Are you going to play in the Tokyo Olympics? : “Everyone knows that playing in the Olympics is a big dream for me. After that, I have not decided, but I hope to be able to play games at least once in my life. ”

Is your goal Golden Ball? : “The first goal is a collective goal, because football is a team sport. It’s about winning the biggest collective trophies like the World Cup or the Champions League. After that, the Golden Ball is a goal for any player who wants to be the best player. I am a part of it, and I think it’s one of my goals. I think, but I’m very proud to talk about it, because football is a team sport. ”

Pele appoints you as his successor, does that make you a football player? : “Of course, when the football king talks about you, that’s fine. But I think it should motivate me to continue doing what I do and continue to perform better. Sure, it’s nice to talk about you this way, but the best result is to return the affection we give you by trying to give the best to you and your team. “

Your value is 180 million euros. Will it give you wings or vertigo? : “Absolutely not! It’s the world of football like this. This money doesn’t go in my pocket, it’s for clubs. I don’t think about it at all. I told you, I really think about this passion for football. I’ve always had an interest in the sport and I have the opportunity to earn a living from my job. There is, so I try every day, to use the opportunity I get and help the respective teams to succeed, every time this word of observation comes, it has to win. “

At age 22, do you still have a normal life? : “He’s a little different from normal human beings, but I’m happy with the life I ‘ve had. I do not have to feel sorry for him. Of course sometimes I just want to get a little more privacy. ‘Yes. There are definitely pros and cons right now, but I’m just as excited about it, and hope to breathe my interest in pitches everywhere outside.’


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