Spain, violent clash between firefighters and policemen: what is happening

Very violent clashes between Firefighter and police officers in Galicia (Spain). So-called protests BomberoThey have been continuing for months, determined to improve their working conditions, and the tension is rising day after day. Yesterday, Monday, October 23, the images we see today arrived, realistically battle An exchange between demonstrators and representatives of the police forces.

The situation is on the edge

According to what was reported by Spanish newspapers, yesterday about 200 firefighters from the Galicia Regional Parks appeared in front of the headquarters of the Ourense Provincial Council. The goal was to protest the current situation working conditions They demand an increase in their salaries. “Noosa Loeta is a disgrace“, or, “Our struggle is your shame“, would have been one of the slogans visible on the banners carried in the procession.

The common goal was to implement a clarification Peaceful, but in a short time the mood escalated and the situation deteriorated in an unexpected way. Apparently, during the riot, a firefighter was injured.

What led to the escalation of tension was an attempt by some firefighters to break through the cordon imposed by the police Police men Who were responsible for the provincial council headquarters. At that moment, the policemen began attacking the demonstrators and the clash began. The administrative building was defended by some vehicles belonging to the intervention units of the National Police, and agents from the regional police headquarters and the local police.

Therefore the situation has become increasingly dangerous. Some firefighters would have blown smoke and paint onto the facade of the building, while others, perhaps using a smoke grenade or spray can, would have caused a fire. The fire.

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In the end, as expected, one of the firefighters sustained injuries to his face, which is why he was taken to the hospital. Ambulance In the emergency room.

We are looking for a solution

After the terrible day that happened yesterday, the head of the provincial council decided this he meets At least the fire brigade spokesmen agreed to submit their proposals to representatives of other provincial councils.

Since last June 15, that is Bombero They are trying to make their voices heard. Due to the economic crisis, wages decreased, and at the same time, the number of available employees decreased. This led to Transitions Exhausting. In Galicia alone there are 24 regional parks in this state.


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