Weather reversal: Anomaly heat bubble blowing, rain returning.  temperature breakdown

The excessive force of the African anticyclone is getting stronger and will be the dominant element in the weather in this later part of October. The exceptional heat anomaly, having hit southern Italy, will be concentrated in the northern centre With increasing temperatures.

Towards the return of rain in early November

The unseasonal heat will hit the heart of Europe all the more exciting. This great anomaly, which we have been going through for days, will not end soon. but There are elements of change to be expected regarding the forecast available in recent days.

Anticyclone dominance will continue unabated for sure for the rest of October, then the favorable high pressure field phase wanes Gradual return to autumn. The Atlantic currents will return to lower latitudes, bringing a more favorable autumn scenario.

Confirm the latest updates The gradual descent of the majestic anticyclone at the dawn of the new month, Under apparent pressure from the turbulent Atlantic movement revived which would attempt to gain ground from the West.

t850anom 204 - Weather Reversal: Anomaly Heat Bubble Burst, Rain Returns.  temperature breakdown

Rain returns from the beginning of November

Change can be imagined in a part of Italy as early as Halloween, With the flow of southwestern wet currents to accompany the crossing of the first turbulence. The rain should actually wet a part of the north.

This first front doesn’t seem to be able to bring bad weather, but it still can score The beginning of a more dynamic phase. At this point, the anticyclone will still hold up well in the center and south, with the certainly hot context continuing for this period.

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The fist of the counterattack will fade further in the following days, with a The second turbulent impulse likely to include Italy from 4-5 November, It is no longer confined to the northern regions only.

We still have to have a little patience, but Looks like the road to the Autumn Vandal Entrance has been traced. The general change in the meteorological context seems to favor the decisive entry of disturbances from France into Italy and thus of the entire autumnal context.


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