Israel, the black flag of ISIS appears on the kibbutz.  Hamas message

As Israel prepared for its “final offensive” against Hamas, Gaza spent the night in darkness in “the world’s largest open-air prison,” as defined by the NGO Human Rights Watch, and Egypt announced it would not open humanitarian corridors. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to meet today with US Secretary of State Blinken. Hezbollah, the staunchly anti-Zionist Shiite paramilitary organization in Lebanon, claims responsibility for firing rockets into Israel and says it caused a “large number” of casualties among the Jewish army. Meanwhile, after the liberation of Kibbutz Sufa, an ISIS flag was found on the ground.

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“Hamas = ISIS, ISIS = Hamas”: this is the message that the Israeli media has been spreading since the outbreak of this new conflict in the Middle East. There was a lot of criticism. According to what a segment of public opinion believes, Palestinian terrorists are fighting for the freedom of their land and have no connection to ISIS. However, photos of Kibbutz Sufa were posted on X, the former Twitter handle, one of the communities targeted by Hamas. The footage refutes this last theory, because among the items recovered or left on the ground, there is also an ISIS flag. The black flag bears a phrase that leaves no room for imagination: “There is no god but God.”

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“They have no doubt: they are the same killers, the same monsters, the same animals,” former Israeli ambassador Joshua Zarka wrote on social networks. He added: “The world must confront this evil and defeat it, just as it defeated ISIS.” Representative of the Jewish state in Azerbaijan George Dick. Is it possible that the flag on the kibbutz is a mark left by Hamas to indicate the path it intends to follow? Is it possible that the ghost of the men in black who cut throats has resurfaced to disturb the global balance and destroy lives?

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