United States, Starbucks employees mocked TikToker’s name, thus retaliating: What a character!

US TikToker Rich Black Woman Blows Case At Starbucks In North Carolina After She Mocked The Name Used On The Well-Known Coffee Chain’s Mobile App: Here’s What Happened

Fashion comes and goes, personality stays, and so does courage and daring. These three characteristics are certainly not lacking for a woman who has not had a pleasant day because of Starbucks, the well-known chain of coffee shops. Known on TikTok as richblackwomantv, the influencer showed her followers how badly she was treated in a US bar in North Carolina. And so, at their own expense, the club workers discovered that sometimes it is better to keep silent, especially when you have to do a lot with a person’s name, be it his birth or surname, as in this case.

On June 16, the rich black woman not only used her social popularity to post a three-minute video on TikTok detailing her recent visit to Starbucks. The video immediately began with the premise that Rich Black Woman not only has his username on social networks, but also uses it on other occasions. Often, in fact, he signs himself like this even when he orders something, for example in a famous coffee shop chain through his online application. She has always ordered food and drinks from Starbucks, but this time she did so while sitting very close to the place. This was exactly the reason why he could hear the staff addressing his matter…

United States, notes that TikToker takes revenge on those who mock it: bravery and daring all in one

The moment the bartenders took their orders, they burst out laughing at the Rich Black Woman’s name, unaware that the customer was right there on their feet. The problem is, it wasn’t just a joke: the whole time the drink was being brewed, they did nothing but slander and pseudonymize the woman. TikToker, for that matter, shared the bartenders’ ugliest comments. The worst of it was a white woman who said she was “sad” that she couldn’t call herself a “rich white woman,” without being misjudged.

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When the order was finally finished, a waiter called Rich Black Woman just “Rich” and it was here that the woman’s fury set in when she corrected and added the two missing words, resulting in the staff freezing. Alongside the white woman’s remarks, TikToker was outraged by another disgusting situation: that of another black employee who remained silent without objecting to his colleagues’ insults.

Fortunately, Rich Black Woman didn’t need any help: she taught the entire staff a huge lesson, pointing out that no one should be mocked, especially if that ‘nobody’ was an inch away (one never knows who He asks himself!). The shop assistants, after her TikToker outburst, remained pent up as long as she consumed her drink.

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