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Xi Jinping left mainland China for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic – and did so to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. The secret of every detail of your visit to the city

There is an intensification of Chinese thinking about how you should operate from now on Hong Kong In the device that today was built around it Xi JinpingArrived on the island for Celebrating the 25th anniversary of her return to China.

event heroes Police, secrecy, zero tolerance for coronavirus and preventive censorship in the press.

In 2017, when he last visited the former colony which became a special administration area on July 1, 1997, Xi said the challenge to the Chinese government is totally unacceptable.. He has kept his word, because the One Country Two Systems model that guarantees Hong Kong freedoms unprecedented in China has been severely curtailed.

The Communist General Secretary’s trip to Hong Kong after some five years Orbit of victoryproof that everything is under the control of Beijing and the party state.

Xi celebrates Hong Kong’s second return to China. At Kowloon Station, where he arrived by express train, Shi was detained Short speech, three minutes To say: After wind and rain, Hong Kong is reborn from its ashes, coming to life again. I came five years ago, during these five spring and autumn, I always cared a lot about Hong Kong, I thought a lot. My heart and that of the CPC Central Committee has always been with you, people of Hong Kong. Everything proves that “the two-system state has great vitality and guarantees prosperity and stability.”

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Yesterday, it was city police who confirmed the arrival of the head of state, after Beijing said only in recent days that Xi would attend the festivities in Hong Kong (new CEO John Lee).

So the suspicion that Xi could only be present was almost resolved, by video, by the police, who had to explain why. Today and tomorrow the traffic will be paralyzed To block roads, bridges, tunnels, subway stations in the center, the Admiralty and Wan Chai: all stopped and guarded on the presidential motorcade route.

With this mission, the Chinese leader is interrupting the self-isolation observed during the epidemic: No travel outside mainland China for 893 days, as of January 2020. But The sanitary safety wire around the Xi . has not been loosened: About three thousand high-ranking officials and officials even Hong Kong schoolchildren admitted to his presence and put him in preventive quarantine at the hotel for several days, as well as subjecting them to daily smears.

clearly Any prohibited event. But since June 30, 2020, when China’s national security law fell on the territory of the Special Administration, no dissident has risked taking to the streets carrying democratic banners.

2019 protest leaders are in prison, in exile, on trial, on probation and on parole.

Secrets to the latest details about the presence of something in the city. He must take the express train to arrive with his wife Bing Liyuan He attended a banquet tonight. Then he shall take it back to Shenzhen tonight, rest in the mainland and return to Hong Kong tomorrow morning for the July 1 ceremony and inauguration of the new chief executive, the governor elected by a panel of 1,500 eminent sages of proven patriotism, as required by the new law.

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Luminous details: The new CEO, John Lee, has spent 40 of his 64 years in the police forceSuper security expert. And not to be mistaken, about a dozen reporters from world news agencies and local newspapers were denied access to the celebration venues. Without explanation, just to remember that not even press freedom is part of Hong Kong’s future.

Here is the meaning of Xi Jinping’s mission, 25 years after the British colonialists returned to Hong Kong: to prove it The city that has been normalized.

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