Acquisition of Suez by Violia:

The former minister made the assessment on Tuesday morning BFM trading Suez served as “on a plate” to Viola’s CEO because “he’s a friend of Mr. Macron.”

Arnaud Montburg, October 2, 2017, Grenoble. (AFP / JEFF PACHOUD)

After eight months of war, the two French primary policies of Suez and Violea have finally reached an agreement in principle, with the latter absorbing a good portion of its rival for the birth of the “World Champion of Change”. . One move was applauded by the French government, but not by Arnaud Montberg.

“We (two world champions) were, and we have more than one, half in my opinion, because, given the amount of debt (Suez (in the following years I did not give love to Violia (..).).). This is a devastating move and I regret that the government did not move a finger. “ , Lamented Tuesday, April 13th BFM trading Former Minister of Production Recovery. In Suez, the government should “allow Engi to sell its shares” because it “agrees to the move,” he said.

Now even the “Made in France” champion has gone a long way Accuses the government of complying with the Financial Market Authority (AMF) This “trampled” the Florentine law against him, he became a minister under Franுவாois Hollande, and forced any company with more than 1,000 employees to close a site in France and search for a buyer. “Who runs the AMF? The mother-in-law of the Minister of Agriculture (Julian Denormondi, author’s note). She is a family authority, not an independent authority. The move was to select friends of authority to distribute a company’s loot. “ , Hammer Arnaud Montburg.

“Mr. Macron’s Friends”

Explain to me what Theory Dio, the boss of Meridiat (“New Suez”, the French financier who is one of the editor’s note buyers) is doing in this matter? Is provided. Antoine Frode (CEO of Violia), Theory Dio, now Mr. They are served by the government (…) because they are Macron’s friends. This is a Putin-style strategy: we choose an object and, like the Russian oligarchy, hand it over to friends of power. To all who did it, we will remember, “he said, losing his temper.

“Why is Antoine Fraud trying to strengthen his team by destroying a better group? I have problems because he has problems. I remember that there are many procedures for prosecuting Viola for corruption (…). , It ended when we lost Allstom (..). My accusations are well established, “said Arnold Montberg.

“Montburg is trying to come back, so he’s using our plan.”

A few minutes later Arnold Montberg, the CEO of Viola, who was invited to the same set, realized that people were using the news to make people talk about him. He “disappeared a little from the news for a few years, a few weeks He tries to come back and create a place for himself, so he uses our plan, Little is known about him, ”said Antoine Frode.

“When he says we have two world champions today, it’s true, but in 20 years, if we do not join the forces, it will not be two or one, it will be with us, it will be zero,” the latter justified. According to him, “This cooperation will be the leader of France (…) in the world of this industry for 20 years. We regret not taking this opportunity.”

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