Heatwaves are coming, thousands of dead feared: List of European countries at risk

Summer is coming and with it the dreaded heat waves. If you live in one of these countries, beware: maximum alert.

Finally, after the long winter, Summer is coming. Those who love the heat and the sea can not wait to get to the long-awaited vacation and enjoy a few days spread out on a sun bed on the beach. Parallel to this positive view of summer, there is another negative view of heat waves: this year too Thousands of expected deaths. Here are the worst countries.

Summer heat waves: here’s where they’ll be terrible (Grantennistoscana.it)

Climate change leads to hotter seasons. If in winter this turns into rare snowfalls, then in summer it consists of very intense heat waves which, for the weaker people, can be fatal. Here are the countries that are worst off from heatwaves and which ones to prepare for A truly fiery summer.

Heat waves will not exclude anyone: who fears them the most

According to anyone Research conducted by the University of Bristol Then published in Nature Communications, the countries where record heatwaves will be recorded. These, when combined with each nation’s economic conditions, make some truly vulnerable including Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and Central Americawith Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala at greatest risk.

Summer heat waves: here’s where they’ll be terrible (Grantennistoscana.it)

Huge heat waves and low precipitation cause it to dry out It also prevents crops, The main source of food and economic livelihood in these countries and the reason for the urgency of their situation. Also other European countriesIn fact, included in the list of those who will witness the highest peaks of heat are Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: since they are also very developed from a technological point of view, however, it is assumed that they have The necessary means to reduce risks from these waves.

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According to study author, scientist Vicki Thompson, heat waves It will be more and more frequent So you need to be prepared. It allows you to pre-select the most affected areas Check for the presence or absence of action plans For these cases, and if they do not exist, to develop them with the local authorities. However, in fact, it is the authors of the study themselves who define these heat waves as difficult to predict: even according to It can really happen anywhere.


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