This Thursday at the PFM Business, Jack Biot, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hawaii France, explains the Group’s global strategy and its ambitions in France with a telecommunications industry.

Amid epidemics, a shortage of sperm carriers and US sanctions, Hawaii 2020 is having a tough year. During this period, the Chinese group grew by 24.5% in the United States, -8.7% in Asia Pacific and -12.2% in the EMEA, but by 15.4% in China, which is the only lever for growth.

Hawaii saw a decline in its revenue growth (891.4 billion yuan or 115.9 billion euros). In 2020, it has increased from 19.1 percent in 2019 to only 3.8 percent. Hawaii has not even touched sales of smartphones by 2020. According to the research office Canalis, they would have fallen by 22%.

Life is not easy for us (…) but we stand firm in the face of adversity, “Ken Hu acknowledged Wednesday at a press conference for the rotating presidency of the Hawaiian presidency.

“Results are good”

This Thursday, at PFM Business, Jack Biot, chairman of the board of directors of Hawaii France and former head of the Polytechnic School, wanted to qualify for the position.

The results are good, we are + 3.8%, there are statistics and what is behind the statistics. There is a verification of a strategy that has been documented for a long time with invisible changes that will not be used like the listeners and TV viewers of the PFM business. “

Jax Biot denies decline in its domestic market.

We are not focused on China, Hawaii is an international company that is fully focused on international markets “, Jack Biot points out, referring to the Chinese market as” not a priority, but it has gone fast “.

Nevertheless, the group aims to establish itself more and more in Europe in general and in France in particular. These components, which connect smartphones and 5G telecommunications networks, create a factory in Bruce, Alsace, to manufacture base stations. The site, the world’s first site outside of China, will open in 2023.

This is the first such plant outside of China. (…) This is an additional value of one billion, which brings about 300 jobs to the French economy. “

HarmonyOS based ecosystem

Hawaii, which has been targeted in the United States for allegedly spying on behalf of the Chinese government, hopes to establish its technology in Europe despite tricky approvals.

There’s nothing behind it all, there’s no reality, it’s all going to fall apart, ” Jack Biot assures, relying on 5G figures, “will continue to rise in companies.”

Among the general public, Jax Biot confirmed the development of the HarmonyOS-based ecosystem as an alternative to Android.

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Finally, he looks back at Hawaii’s R&D, in which the group invests up to 15% of its revenue.

Our investments in R&T are aimed at creating a happy digitalization of society and making it more efficient, ”explains Jack Biot.


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