Oliver Bocher (43) was thrown in the black snow! It really is the comedian who wants to make fun of others – and those who are influential. But “Do you have fun? “ The tables have now been changed. Insta star Maria Maximovic In the comedy show she played the girlfriend of Oli’s brother-in-law Ibrahim and fulfilled every influential clich. Not to mention that the evaluator’s collar explodes at any moment …

“When people advertise products, I think it sucks when they bring some kind of shit to sell some china boob brush,” Oli said directly Marias Experienced collaborators. When the former Temptation Island tester listened to a live stream of the TV star together, he took it further and asked without asking the camera because they are now more or less family. Oli scolded: “It simply came to our notice then. [..] I do not know themselves. I didn’t give a shit about you. “

When Guido Conts suddenly came into the dining room to resolve the situation, the influence seemed shocking. He jumped up and shouted: “I know it!” In fact, in the end he was able to laugh about it, probably having to laugh a little about his reaction.

Maria Maximovic, “Temptation Island” – Continent 2019

TVNOW / Stephen Gregorovis

Oliver Bocher, comedian
Guido Cants, "Do you have fun?"-Moderator

SWR / Wolfgang Breiteneicher

Guido Conts, “Are you kidding?” – Appraiser
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