Valves.  Garbage cans are overflowing.  Garbage collectors strike from Tuesday, May 24th

Garbage will not be collected in the 34 municipalities of the city of Vannes from Tuesday, May 24th. Garbage piles up in the middle of Ascension Week. Garbage collectors are asking for a net pay rise of 100 euros a month.

Crowds of tourists have also piled up in the rubbish bins. This Ascension weekend, the garbage collection strike continues Integration of Vannes.

Launched on Tuesday, May 24, the movement responds to the CGT’s national slogan of protecting public service and purchasing power. In the yard of the warehouse, discussions between the strikers and the management of the wage demands and the “The index point has been disabled for 10 years“.

“We, the purchasing power, get it in full. Fuel pricesDenise Hemry, the driver-ripper on strike, says. Now it costs to get to work. For some, more than 200 a month of fuel, regardless of other costs, such as inflation and electricity. Today all the agents on the permanent contract are on strike.

For six months now, garbage collectors have been demanding a pay rise of 100 euros a month. Their employer Gulf Morbihan-Vannes Agglomeration provides them with half.

David Robo, Vance Meyer and Coordinating Chairman “We call on everyone to take responsibility and get to work quickly. We have a lot of tourists not only in the area, in the city center, but also in the coastal cities.”

Vannes’ consolidation consists of 34 municipalities, including more than ten seas, Ars Island and Moines Island. The beach that attracts holidaymakers this long weekend.

By the end of the morning, the first consultative meeting had ended without success. The strike continues.

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